Through the Artist’s Lens: A Conversation with a Young Actor, Writer & Illustrator

Published on – September 12, 2017

Arts education means so much to so many people, it seems counterintuitive that its continuation in school communities and beyond is constantly under threat. I know that I would not be the person I am today, a successful and happy museum professional employed by the Smithsonian Institution, had I not had the opportunities in my youth to explore the vast world of visual art provided by my schools and local youth orgs. I feel very privileged to have had arts at the ready consistently through my childhood, which makes me even more concerned about the threat of the absence of arts in my own children’s lives. So I was thrilled when Americans for the Arts reached out to me to participate in the #BecauseofArtsEd blog salon. For the future of all our children, we must defend arts education every opportunity we get. With that in mind, I was extra delighted for the opportunity to get to know my colleague’s spirited and quite profound daughter better through this interview.

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