Curatorally© is the concept of curator + ally, which is the heart of & soul of my professional mission: seeking social cohesion through creativity and critical-thinking as transformative experiences in museums. Through contemporary art exhibits, museum public programs, and collaborative partnerships I create public spaces where innovation, dialogue, creativity, and critical thinking thrive.


When I started working in systemic shift, or the effort to decolonize and empathize museums, I was pushing back against a culture of inequity from a position of powerlessness. My career began the same as most careers: at the bottom rung of the ladder. From a position of operational support, not leadership, I began my resistance. I sought out working, almost exclusively, in identity museums (African-American and Women) because these missions were already presenting stories of resistance — defiance in the face of oppression and marginalization. So, though not occupying a seat of power, I was able to craft my personal mission statement in reflection of radical history.

Position, power, and place employ a significant role in the way that we talk about and activate change. I hope to empower my fellow changemakers at all experience levels, across all backgrounds, in museums. I’m elated to have dedicated 10 years and counting to GLAM [Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums] work. I’m especially proud of the past 5 years, and my commitment to shifting the museum/art profession into equitable practice.

The smallest spark can catalyze change.

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