Curatorally is the concept of curator + ally, which is the heart of & soul of my professional mission: seeking social cohesion through creativity and critical-thinking as transformative experiences in museums.

Through contemporary art exhibits, museum public programs, and strategic partnerships I create public spaces where innovation, dialogue, healing, and critical thinking thrive.

About Me


social justice + museums

Social justice in museums thrives in a climate of openness, warmth, and welcoming, when audiences are invited to address difficult topics of privilege, equity, oppression, and hope for the future.

My social justice practice uplifts creativity and critical thinking within communities of color. Utilizing the power of participatory programs as guided experiences, engaged communities transform the museum into a vehicle for change.

I believe that social justice in museums happens at the intersection of curated (i.e. thoughtful, intentional, & empathetic) creative programming and the collaboration of community allies.

participatory communities

What is a participatory community?

Participatory communities are today’s museum audiences who rightly insist on mutual exchange with the museum. Audiences wish to share their insights and experiences in thoughtful and valuable ways. They are our curator allies: capable and enthused for mutually created content.

Participatory communities disrupt the status quo of the museum in necessary and vital ways. Now is the era of mutually-directed conversations for change.

How do I design participatory activities?

I uphold the creative power of museum audiences through curated participatory programs where communities lead the conversation, originate content through dialogue and creative exercises, and share in meaningful exchange with the museum.

Learn more about participatory programs here.