My experience, in 140 characters or less.

The constant revolution is transformative change.

On power structures: We continue to operate in a deficit/disadvantage so long as practitioners (staff) lack power.  (1 of  2)

On power structures: Our assumption that only position earn power. Empower your staff, they’re practitioners of the work.  (2 of 2)

Equity work can’t always be comfortable but change never is. Remember the systems, less so people, are problematic.

How can #massactionmia be more than just an effort for the survival of relevance for #Museums? Equity is ethical work first and foremost.

On alienating donors by #museumsresist: At what point do we part ways? What’s our accountability towards change?

What supports change? Continuous self work. Creating brave spaces. Corrective checks. Staying woke.

Why now? #MASSActionMia Because this work, can’t wait. Equity can’t wait. Decolonization can’t wait. Truth can’t wait.

We’re all here to a draw a line in the sand. We all want to break the colonized grip on #museums. To act!

We are: open to change, building upon each other, uplifting all voices. This work is a continuum. It grows outside of itself.

Yes, #museums lead change. But we need change internally. Historically, we’ve been, done wrong. Now let’s lead thru equity.

So what’s happening here? Empathy, resistance, dialogue, awareness, active listening, hope!