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Welcome to Wonderland: Rethinking Landscape

Co-juried by: Hilary-Morgan Watt

June 29-July 26, 2014  artdc gallery Hyattsville, MD

select artists

Tom BlockLaurence ChandlerTravis ChildersRobert Long Julie Maynard Helen Louise C. Pettis Pam Rogers

curatorial statement

Welcome to Wonderland: Rethinking Landscape is a juried exhibition that explores abstract ideas about landscape and place. The practice of depicting landscape is as old as the history of art itself. Today’s artists working in abstraction and conceptual art continue to explore the relationship between art and landscape, vantage points, and distance, but with added complexities such as the meaning of exact GPS locale, urban design vs. natural scenery, and place within the vastness of the solar system. The artists of “Welcome to Wonderland” explore life as much as they do landscape and abstraction in various 2D and 3D works. The exhibition  showcases abstraction, and abstract thought processes, in imaginary and impossible spatial relationships, nontraditional conceptual notions of home and place, and unconventional objects that tell the story of landscape and place.




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